Loughcrew Tombs

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Megalithic Structures
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Loughcrew Rock Art Fourth Millenium
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Loughcrew Cairns L Carnbane West
Loughcrew Cairns LLoughcrew Cairns L is located on Carnbane West at Loughcrew Cairns Co.Meath. Carnbane West shows that it was home to
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Loughcrew Tombs

The Loughcrew Tombs also know as Loughcrew Cairns are located in Oldcastle Co.Meath. In all of Ireland there is no other locality which contains, associated together in such close proximity, so many still existing landmarks, literally speaking, of the social, political, and religious meaning. There is four main passage tomb sites in Ireland and Loughcrew is one of them. Documented Studies on Loughcrew started in 1872 by Eugene Alfred Conwell and not many have followed since. The next recorded or documented studies where In 1980 Irish-American researcher Martin Brennan discovered that Cairn T in Carnbane East is directed to receive the beams of the rising sun on the spring and autumnal Equinox - the light shining down the passage and illuminating the art on the backstone. He also discovered alignments in Cairn L Knowth, and Dowth in the Boyne Valley. After this Jean McMann wrote a guide to Loughcrew Cairns.

All this effort is great but nothing has been done now in almost 25 years. I want to challenge this information using the latest technology as our leap forward in technology since these studies where conducted has been massive. We are told that the tombs date back to 3300 B.C but testing the patina growth on standing stones surrounding the tombs and erosion on them date back way over 10,000 years old. The sites consist of cruciform chambers covered in most instances by a mound. Looking into this each chamber represents frequency shapes which indicates they were built for greater purpose and a understanding we have not yet grasped.

Loughcrew Tombs are a must see and over the past few years my continued studies have lead me to believe that they are more than just burial tombs so join me if your willing to open your mind and explore in more detail these historic mysteries.