Discover the hidden secrets of the Loughcrew Complex in Irelands Ancient East.

Loughcrew Complex 

The Loughcrew Complex is a historical landmark in Ireland, located in Olcastle, Co.Meath and is part of Ireland’s Ancient East. The Loughcrew Complex is believed to have being constructed 3,500 B.C by our Neolithic ancestors as burial chambers. If we try to look for scientific evidence to back this up we find very little, nor will we find any account of archaeological works carried out at the Loughcrew Complex.  Therefore we have created  the first ever official website to investigate and explore the many unexplained mysteries of Loughcrew that has been kept from all of us. If like us,  and you question these chambers to be more than just burial grounds then I welcome you to join us as we explore and bring to light the real purpose of these magnificent monuments. we have decided to explore and research this beautiful landscape to help everyone understand what our ancestors where trying to achieve here. We started this exploration when we discovered high amounts of Orgone Energy around the monuments and throughout the peaks of Loughcrew. Believing our Neolithic ancestors constructed these monuments to coincide with the natural energies of the earth. We aim using the latest technology and methods to prove this. We believe over the millenniums we have lost this knowledge and ancient technology which researchers like ourselves are starting to rediscover at major ancient sites worldwide. So far the natural amounts of orgone energy we have recorded around the cairns is amazing and we would advise all to visit them as often as possible as Orgone is brilliant for optical health. The Loughcrew Complex was home to over 200 Tombs and what most people who visit don’t realize is that their are also underground tombs which have not even being explored. The key to finding and understanding these tombs is the rock art and scribes inside the tombs. We hope to uncover many hidden secrets at loughcrew and share them here with every one. Please join us on this journey as we take a leap into the past and try understand what our ancestors discovered.