Loughcrew Cairns

Hill Of Patrickstown Loughcrew

Hill Of Patrickstown Loughcrew

Hill Of Patrickstown Loughcrew is located east of Sliabh Na Caili. This Hill is one of the four hilltops that make up the Loughcrew complex and for some reason is very much over looked by many when visiting the Loughcrew Cairns. The Hill Of Patrickstown Loughcrew is steeped in history dating back to 5,500 B.C where the remains of Cairns Y among over cairns are found. The Hill has a fresh water spring located to the west, positioned exactly between it and Loughcrew Cairns T. On the east slope of the hill is the last known resting place of the hag and to the north east is a small burial plot which was made for the final resting place of a couple who got caught up in the troubles during the battle of Patrickstown Cicra Late 1500’s.

astrology stone loughcrew 100 yrs ago

Hill Of Ptrickstown Astrology stone

Mid way up the eastern peak coming from Cairns T you stumble upon the remains of three stone circles. The northern circle is the most prefect of the three, the other two being in their present state little more than semicircles. The diameter of this circle is forty feet. Commencing with the most northern stone, and proceeding in a south westerly direction. Thirteen feet inwards from the circumference stands an upright stone, upon the face of which, pointing N,W are inscribed a very remarkable grouping of cups, circles, and star-like figures, which can only be read when in the advantage of the sun aligning behind the sun stone located in the ditch in the S,W direction. Upon the sun stone found in the ditch there are inscribed upon it a cup surrounded by a circle; and higher up the stone are nine single cups. See pictures above. Until now very few knew the reason for these stones as it is not like any of the other stones formations found at Loughcrew Cairns. This Stone is a astrology stone and the circles in the area relate to a constellation which I’m still figuring out. The stone clearly marks the 12 months of the year as we can see in the picture above the twelve lines coming out from the earth symbol. Many people misconceive passage tombs to only worship the sun everyone forgets the moon. This stone is designed to be only read by moon light hence its facing direction. I believe the first 8 lines coming from the earth symbol represent  the energy or frequency present during the seasons, the circles beyond the lines are planets and stars.  These stones are now being found world wide at many sites and explorers like myself say they represent a special event in pasting time as well as present. Among the other stones located here there are similar markings which have not been seen or read in over 100 years. At present I am conducting night time studies here and will keep everyone informed of my findings

Cairns Y Patrickstown

sappers stone loughcrew

The circle located S,E of the astrology stone lies a flat stone which contains a circular hole, six and half inches in diameter, cut vertically, with much precision and smoothness, to a depth of three inches. The purpose of this hole has long puzzled me and I have heard many stories regards what this stone was used for, until after some lengthily research I discovered that in 1836, the sappers had made and used if for the insertion of a flag-staff. Continuing on up the Hill of Patrickstown Loughcrew you reach the crowning top which attains the height of 885 feet. Here stands the remains of Cairns Y and research tells us this Tomb stood until around 119 years ago where it was known as the most conspicuous cairns in the range. Very few people have knowledge of this cairn but my research has led me to track down details on this particular cairn from a English book collector who has a journal which contains written accounts of the Hill top written in 1678. The entrance to this cairn faced S,W and it is described within the journal as small shelter and mentions again scribes within it. Today the diameter of its site is thirty- three yard; but only a few cartloads of stones now remain, the rest having been used up 119 years by the owner of the hill, in construction of the adjoining stone walls where I’m positive still lye’s scribed stones

astrology stone loughcrew with the right light

sun stone loughcrew

As you descend the eastern peak heading N’E towards the gate leading out onto the road which crosses the Hill of Patrickstown Loughcrew are the remains of a burying place, measuring 16 x 14 yards in extent, and slightly higher than the adjoining ground. Early in the sixteenth century a regular battle was fought on this hill between two neighbouring septs the Plunkets and the O’reillys; and it is said in books the dead of both parties who remained on the hill after the battle were buried here. The enclosure contains an upright stone possibly the shaft of a rude cross measuring seven feet in height, one foot six inches broad, and eight inches thick. below this heading for the road a man and his wife are buried who to avoid taking any part in the above battle, fled to the town of Kells until the fight was over but on their return were met on the very site of the contest and put to death. If you descend the hill of Patrickstown heading south from this point you will find the moate of Patrickstown. It measures 115 paces round the base, forty-five feet in slant height, and forty paces around the circumference at the top, which is flattened. this tumulus is situated on the top of a small sloping eminence in a green field, and is crowned by a mutilated whitethorn tree, growing on its eastern border.it is said covered with earth and grass, but it contains stone chambers in the interior which I am challenging at present to enter and as soon as I do will video it for all to witness and report my findings. Above the moate heading north is the location of the famous Hags Grave. For locations on all these areas see my Loughcrew Map with all locations pin pointed.

Patrickstown mass Grave stone


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