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Loughcrew Cairns L Carnbane West

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Loughcrew Cairns L

Loughcrew Cairns L is located on Carnbane West at Loughcrew Cairns Co.Meath. Carnbane West shows that it was home to many Cairns with many remains still present. Loughcrew Cairns L is the only Cairns on Carnbane West that is still in a functioning state. There is much to study on Carnbane West and many mysteries here that lead us back in history in a direction to the time of the great god Apollo. Loughcrew Cairns L was built with its chamber facing 150 ° south East similar to Loughcrew Cairns T which I covered in my last article. Loughcrew Cairns L was designed and built to receive and honor the morning rays of Samhain which enter the chamber and ignite the Blue limestone pillar within it. This is a magical and mysterious event to witness. When inside Cairns L to the right of the Samhain pillar is a flat stone carved like a basin which was documented by Eugene Alfred Conwell in the 1800’s. What’s even more mysterious is the back stone here, this stone does not belong here and evidence shows us that it was originally placed halfway between Cairns L and Cairns T and is the official map of the entire Loughcrew complex.

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Loughcrew Cairns L

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I have visited Cairns L many times and one thing that has really caught my attention is the crows there. Carnbane West seems to be the only peak out of the three at Loughcrew that crows always circle and even more amazingly if they are not present all you have to do is whistle into the valley and they will come. When I realized this occurrence I felt the need to research this and I am so glad I did. The crows at Carnbane West have lead to evidence that proof that the Cairns here are emitting a vortex energy and the crows sense and use them as thermals. In folklore crows are depicted as the bringers of death and perhaps this was told of them because of their black feathers and habit to feed on dead carcasses. If you search deep enough into Irish folklore you will find the story of the Morrígu (“great queen of Ireland”). Morrígu was associated with fate especially when predicting death and doom on the battlefield. The interesting connection here with regards Carnbane West and in association with  Morrígu, was that she was associated with sovereignty and a strong connection with crows. The story that really interested me was Cath Maige Tuireadh (The Battle of Mag Tuired). The reason this story is of great interest to me are the points within the story strongly relating to Carnbane West and Cairns L. Firstly the story of Cath Maige Tuireadh  is set and told at Samhain and in Cairns L We have the Samhain stone erected to honor Samhain (see video Below). Secondly her connection and association with crows and land which again we find abundance at Carnbane west and thirdly the Morrígu was first mentioned in Irish folklore in the Ulster Cycle and from reading Eugene Alfred Conwell’s Research in his book “Ollamh Fodhla”  written in the 1800’S he drew a distinct contention between the Loughcrew Complex and descendants from Ulster in Particular Antrim who where buried at Loughcrew. So is this the resting place of Ireland’s Great Queen ? I would like to believe it is.

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Ancient Science at Cairns L

Moving on from folklore which I really love, if we sit and ponder on Carnbane West like our great ancestors, we get a small insight to what they would have seen here back in 3.500BC. Having carried out directional surveys on all tombs located around Carnbane west we find that the passageways in all cairns excluding Cairns L is perfectly aligned to 90° direct east, While Cairns L is aligned to 150° South east to receive the Samhain sunrise which happens between the 3rd and 4th of November each year. Where the people who built on Carnbane West followers of the great god Apollo. Recent research carried out show that ancient cultures around the world who worshiped Apollo always built their entrances facing direct east to worship him. Conducting my own studies I have found that all remaining cairns along with cairns L align to stars within constellations (see picture below) just as the cairns on Carnbane East did which I covered in my last article. I now strongly believe that the Map stone inside Cairns L along with my studies of the constellations point to more cairns further west that no one has ever known existed which I will be exploring next. I would like to briefly pause on this note regards Carnbane west as I will revisit here to update this article as I am still investigating, I mentioned earlier regards the crows and would like to finish on this point until I return to this post. Next time you visit Cairns L, take note of the crows which are only found on this peak, also take into account that Carnbane west has the most remains still standing and with there original chamber layout, these attracts the crows to circle them all day. My study so far has led me to yet more amazing discoveries and perhaps scientifically proves that the chambers here are creating vortex chambers of heated air a form of ancient technology used by our ancestors. I will keep this page updated as my study progresses.

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Loughcrew Cairn L

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