Loughcrew Passage Tombs

Loughcrew Cairns T Carnbane East

Loughcrew Cairns T

Loughcrew Cairns T

Loughcrew Cairns T is located on the Sliabh na Caillíghe in Oldcastle, Co.Meath. Loughcrew is one of Ireland’s oldest Passage tombs cemeteries and is spread out over three peaks. Loughcrew Cairns T is situated on Sliabh na Caillíghe also known as Carnbane East. Of the Three peaks Carnbane East is the most visited and is easily accessible by using the footpath up the hill to reach Cairn T, on its summit. Everyone can freely explore Sliabh na Caillíghe and there is free parking at the base of Carnbane East. Carnbane East holds many stories of wonder and mystery which have Puzzled archaeologists and inspired much folklore in the area. Loughcrew Cairns T is thought to have been built in 3,500 B.C By our Neolithic ancestors but local folkore also tells another story the story of An Cailleach Bhéara, the Hag of Beare. Local folklore tells us of a old woman who ruled these peaks and her name was Garavogue, Legend tells she was performing magical mysteries requiring her to drop an apronful of stones on each of the three Loughcrew peaks, flying from one to the next if she succeeded, she would have ruled over all of Ireland. She was able to drop her cairns of stones on the first two peaks, but sadly fell to her death on her last drop. Today you can still visit her chair at Loughcrew Cairns T as seen below here in the video. If you wish to read more of this legend look up “Legends and Traditions of the Cailleach Bheara or Old Woman (Hag) of Beare.” 1927

Loughcrew Cairns T

Hags Chair Loughcrew

Cairns T Loughcrew

Cairns T is postioned at the peak of Slieve na Calliagh which is the highest point in Northwest Meath standing at 906ft and the view is amazing see video below. When we browse around this beautiful hilltop we find many remains of passage tombs scattered around it and in 1873 Eugene Alfred Conwell documented that Cairns T was infact the resting place of Ollamh Fodhla. History tells of Ollamh Fodhla as Ireland’s famous monarch and law-maker upwards of three thousand years ago. This would indicate great importance not just of cairns T but of the entire complex at Loughcrew, as our monarch accestors upheld this wonderful landscape as somewhere really special. In my last article on the Loughcrew Hill Fort I mentioned and found from my studies that only clan leaders or monarchs would live inside these hill forts,this suggests that Loughcrew held a very high importance as a section of landscape to our Neolithic ancestors as well as our Iron Age ancestors. Cairns T is built with much percison so that it still to this day recognizes and receives the spring Equinox. In between the 20th and 23rd of March each year at dawn approx. 4 A.M, as the sun rises it illuminates the back stone in Cairns T at Loughcrew. The spectacle lasts about 15-20 minutes and has been happening now for almost 5,000 years. This is truly an amazing feat of engineering and time. The construction of such a tomb could have taken upwards of 250 years to built and this does not excluded the failed attempts in trying to do so.

Cairns t Compass

cairns T Loughcrew

Cairns S Loughcrew

Loughcrew Cairns T Mysteries

In my studies I evaluate Orgone levels at each site and also study the building alignment with regards to constellations. Cairns T is not just a passage tomb in my view as the levels of orgone which it emits daily is amazing and can been seen with the naked eye on most days. This tells me our ancestors knew a lot about the earths natural energy. I will be writing a complete article regards Orgone throughout the complex in full in a future article. The entrance of cairns T is facing 140 degrees South East as seen in the compass reading above. The entrance of this tomb is pointing directly at Sirius and what many people don’t know is our “milky way” lies directly above the Loughcrew Complex. Cairns T after many nights of evaluations is aligned give or take a few degrees with the 6th brightest star in our sky Capella which is 41 million light years away. Capella belongs to the Auriga constellation and if you study it closly you will find the same layout above in the stars as on the ground with tombs representing the stars. Now do I think this is just a mere coincidence? absolutely not, Loughcrew Cairns T and others on Slieve Na Cailegh where built to align and represent these stars and constellation here on the ground as study shows the pyramids in Giza to align with Orion’s belt. When we study the entire complex at Loughcrew every tomb aligns to a star within a constellation, this can not be coincidence and it tells us where hidden and unrecognised tombs would have been constructed in the landscape.



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