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Loughcrew Equinox – March 2016

Loughcrew Equinox


Loughcrew Equinox March 2016


This year the Loughcrew Equinox will be take place on the 20th of march 2016 from 4.30A.m onwards and Admission to the Chamber of Cairn T is free of charge. The Office of Public Works will have staff in attendance at Cairn T. 5 or 6 people can be inside at a time. Visitors are requested to stay inside for only a few minutes so that everyone can get a chance to visit. Last year seen a great turn out for the Loughrew Equinox. Remember this year is a leap year meaning the Equinox will happen 18 hours and 11 minutes earlier than it did last year. The reason for this is The equinox can be as early as March 19 or as late as March 21, the precise time being about 5 hours 49 minutes later in a common year, and about 18 hours 11 minutes earlier in a leap year, than in the previous year. It is the balance of common years and leap years that keeps the calendar date of the equinox from drifting more than a day from March 20 each year.

The March equinox is one point in time commonly used to determine the length of the tropical year. The mean tropical year is the average of all the tropical years measured from every point along the earth’s orbit.  In 1983 the mean March equinox fell at 1.48 AM GMT on 23 March. When tropical year measurements from several successive years are compared, variations are found which are due to nutation and to the planetary perturbations acting on the Sun.

Make sure to wear warm clothing and proper shoes for hiking as the climb is steep and can be slippy.

Hope to see you all there

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  1. Don’t think I’ll make it to this years. Can’t post a pic here but here is a link to my painting of the Cailleach inside cairn T at Equinox -http://theeverlivingones.blogspot.ie/2014/12/the-time-of-cailleach.html

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