Loughcrew Rock Art

Loughcrew Rock Art Fourth Millenium

Loughcrew Rock Art

Loughcrew Rock art can be found throughout the entire Loughcrew Complex. The riddle of the Loughcrew Rock Art has been partly deciphered at last. The inscribed passage mound stones tells us how our prehistoric ancestors viewed the world; The flat earth with a hemispherical bowl overhead, the sun and the moon circling around. Loughcrew Rock Art can be directly related to the legends and myths of Ireland, certain numbers such as nine, eleven, seventeen, twenty-seven and thirty-three are common to both. These numbers have important symbolic meanings as well as their numerical values. The oldest calendar in the history of mankind is portrayed – sixteen months of 22 or 23 days, four weeks of five days each month, eight annual solar and seasonal events. It has been known for some time that passages into Loughcrew cairns T and Loughcrew Cairns L are aligned with the sunrise on the solistital and equinoctial days each year. They are the cornerstones of the sixteen month calendar and the eight annual festival days. The Irish evidence from 3500 BC to 3200 BC preceeds british calendar building sites at mount pleasant 2600 BC and Stonehenge 2000 BC.

Loughcrew Roct Art

Loughcrew Art

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Mircea Eliade 1907

To know the myths is to learn the secret of things. In other words, one learns not only how things came but also where to find them and how to make them reappear when they disappear.

Below I have included pictures which I found after much research in books which I will have for sale soon in our online store. These pictures will help you understand the Rock Art at Loughcrew, next time you visit. To view the images larger simply just click on them. I have more pictures to upload of Irish Symbols, fourth Millenium BC, And will post them here and keep everyone updated on Facebook.

Loughcrew Symbolic art

loughcrew fourth millenium

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