Loughcrew Cairns


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Loughcrew Cairns

Loughcrew Cairns are among the best kept mysteries in archeological Ireland. In a scene of moving magnificence and fascinating history, the cairns at Loughcrew are noted as the biggest complex of Passage Tombs in Ireland.The Loughcrew Cairns are megalithic structures initially built around 4000 bc as burial chambers. The cairns are in two gatherings; Carnbane West, around 15 cairns, including Cairn L which is roofed and contains radiant typical carvings in great condition. This gathering is somewhere in the range of 2km stroll from the Car Park on delicately slanting ground.Carnbane East incorporates Cairn T, additionally roofed and with great engravings, and is a shorter however more extreme walk. Groups of Megalithic Cairns are dabbed around the Sliabh na Cailli slopes at Loughcrew, the principle fixations are on Carnbane East where Cairn T is the centerpiece and Carnbane West where Cairn L is found.

The brightening of the passage and chamber at the Winter solstice dawn in Newgrange is world acclaimed. Less surely understood is the Spring Equinox brightening at dawn in Cairn T at Loughcrew. The backstone of the chamber is lit up by a light emission at dawn on the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes.The light is molded by the stones of the passageway and chamber and falls onto the backstone while moving from left to the privilege enlightening of the sun based images. Guests are welcome to stroll up Carnbane East to Cairn T, a ten moment stroll up a lush slope from a free car parking below. Amid the summer months there is an aide at Cairn T, at different times Cairn T is bolted, so to get inside pick up the key at the close-by Loughcrew Gardens.

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Loughcrew Cairns T

Loughcrew Cairns L