Megalithic Structures

Megalthic structures

Megalithic Structures of the World

Most of the megalithic structures of the world were built in between 6000 to 4000 years ago during the age of Neolith and Bronze. Megalith refers to big stones that are either human-built or formed naturally from a collection of stones. These monuments were and still are used as elite or mass burials, historical memorials, temples, religious centers, or tourist spots etc. They are being used by different cultural groups for ages and hold the proof of many historical events, occurrences as well as the sign of some undefined mysteries! Here I will discuss some of the world’s most famous megalithic monuments that relate to Loughcrew Cairns

1. Bada Valley Megaliths

This is a strange megalith created around the same time as Loughcrew Tombs that will surely strike your mind due to its human-faced appearance. The locals do not know why this megalith was made, but they have their own interesting story. Some of them say it’s a symbol of human sacrifice, while others say it’s the stoned form of an evil spirit who used to do harm to innocent people. With no specific evidence of its creation, it stands to hold lots of mysteries for the people of Indonesia and the world.

Bada Valley Megaliths

Rujm el Hiri

2. Rujm el-Hiri in Israel

If you see it from above, it will look like a giant target due to its perplexing stone arrangement. This megalithic structure is situated in the northern Israel and contains 40 thousand basalt rocks. Historians say that it was built during 3000 BCE though there is no strong evidence of the purpose it serves. However since the overall structure aligns with the summer solstice, it’s predicted that this place was used to have a clear view of the stars and enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise.

3. Rollright Stones in England

Rollright stones is a circle shaped monument made of three major formations- the whispering nights dolmen, the king stone, and the king’s men stone circle. It was built in the early 4000 BCE mostly during the Neolithic and Bronze age. According to the natives, the stones were once a king and his knights but then they were transformed into limestone by a witch. It attracts curious people around the world due to the mysterious story behind its construction.

Rollright Stones

rudston monolith

4. Rudston Monolith in Britain

It’s one of the tallest megalithic structures of the world and the highest standing stone all over Britain. Locals have lots of stories to share regarding its creation and it’s height. One legend claims that this tallest stone is actually a spear made by the devil who tried to attack the church but it ended up in the graveyard. Another legend tells that the spear was used to destroy the graves. Archeologists have the evidence that the monuments height is double what we actually see since half of it is buried beneath the ground. They also found a huge number of skulls that proves this place might have been used for sacrificial activities during that time.

5. Callanish Stones in Scotland

Callanish is one of the most beautiful megalithic monuments in the world. The structure is formed of several standing stones in an intricate arrangement. Though it seems like a naturally formed jumble of rocks,the arrangement was planned carefully. The stone at the center and other stones circling around it form a construction that was used as a lunar observation site in it’s day. However superstitious and  people think that these large stones were giants once! We still don’t know the true purpose of these megalithic monuments but they can take us to the past and imagine how things used to be once. These magical stones bear a great significance and allow us to picture the ancient humans and their culture very carefully.

Callanish Stones

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