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Loughcrew Cairns T Carnbane East

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Loughcrew Cairns T

Loughcrew Cairns T Loughcrew Cairns T is located on the Sliabh na Caillíghe in Oldcastle, Co.Meath. Loughcrew is one of Ireland’s oldest Passage tombs cemeteries and is spread out over three peaks. Loughcrew Cairns T is situated on Sliabh na Caillíghe also known as Carnbane East. Of the Three peaks Carnbane East is the most visited […]

Loughcrew Cairns

Hill Of Patrickstown Loughcrew

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Hill Of Patrickstown Loughcrew Hill Of Patrickstown Loughcrew is located east of Sliabh Na Caili. This Hill is one of the four hilltops that make up the Loughcrew complex and for some reason is very much over looked by many when visiting the Loughcrew Cairns. The Hill Of Patrickstown Loughcrew is steeped in history dating back to […]

Loughcrew Finds

Secret Well Loughcrew Cairns

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Secret well Loughcrew Cairns

Secret well Loughcrew Cairns This will be the first of many blog posts I will upload to my site. I have made many discoveries at the Loughcrew Cairns over the past 12 month’s which I will share with all my readers and followers. My first find was a Secret well hidden below Cairn L at Loughcrew Cairns. To date I have […]